Friday, November 11, 2011

The 10 foods for Longer Life Spans

Who does not want to live longer and healthier? Live a healthy life and longer is the purpose of each. But life in this modern world where almost everything was immediate and useful feature is its price .. Well, here are 10 foods that make your life more. Is it true? Let's check it out!

1) Cranberries

Cranberries protect the incidence of urinary tract infections, cancer, and also protects the penetration of harmful bacteria in the organs of the body. It comes from the family and berries contain vitamin C, chemical control against bacteria and contains antioxidants. This fruit has the advantage for the body but eat the fruit is in sour crude. If you want to eat fruit, try to mix with corn muffins. But if you make the most of this fruit, try to drink a mixture of cranberry and apple juice, so it is not too acidic.

2) Salmon and other fatty fish

These contain many omega-3, fighting nearly every disease and keep your brain and heart function optimally. They also lower inflammation. Warning: Make sure the salmon is wild Pacific salmon or Alaska.

3) Fish oil

Eat this fish may lower blood cholesterol and also protects you against stroke and blood clots in the brain. Some fish, known as salmon, mackerel or sardines as a producer of Omega-3. Raw Like Sushi, you can be roasted or consume. Nutrients are the arteries of the heart and maintain the elastic walls of blood desired consistency. This prevents blood clotting, which can easily lead to a heart attack.

4 ) Red and Purple Grapes

Grape juice and red wine of life extension. Two drinks per day maximum. Grapes are rich in antioxidants, red wine or grape juice can help you look younger, and in the case of red wine (merlot or) it keeps the artery is blocked. The study suggests that the phytochemicals in grapes are to protect the heart against inflammation and oxidative damage.

5) Green tea

Green tea is very popular in Japan. There are many vitamins such as A, C and E, which also act as antioxidants. Did you know that green tea is more than a samurai sword, because oxidation of cells, which is to prevent cancer. Green tea has also proven effective in building a defense for the immune system, thins the blood to the heart to fight the disease. How would you tea regularly. Try green tea infused with hot water in the cup. Allow some time. The only drink green tea, the best results from your body.

6) Chamomile

Are composed of Chamomile, and is usually used for medical treatment. Chamomile is usually used to relax the nerves. Are often used to reduce stress and pressure. The small amount of stress you have, the better your chances of attack by various stress-related illnesses. In addition to Chamomile also helps detoxify the body by throwing unnecessary paperwork by the kidneys. Chamomile can be used as a dry or load. Can be soaked in hot water as tea.

7) Nuts

Eat more than 5 ounces per week. You can reduce deaths from heart attack by 40% in women. People tend to eat about two ounces of nuts four times a week to live longer, in fact, up to two more three years ago! Almonds and nuts cholesterol. Unsalted are best for you. And they eat it raw if you can.

8) Spinach

Follows directly behind antioxidant protection garlic. It is rich in folic acid, the fight against cancer, heart disease and mental illness support and may help prevent Alzheimer's disease.

9) Tomatoes

Tomato can boost the immune system, reduce the spread of germs in the body and reduce the risk of cancer, including prostate, lung and colon cancer. With reasonable prices and great benefits, do not be surprised if a fruit popular in many people. Tomatoes contain an antioxidant called lycopene very powerful. Studies show lycopene lowers the cancer rate of 40% and heart disease by 50%. And it works better the elderly mentally. Tomato sauce has five times more lycopene than fresh tomatoes. And surprisingly, at doses three times as much.

10) Whole Grains

Can mortality rates 15% lower. They contain anti-cancer agents and stabilize blood sugar and insulin, as I mentioned earlier. Limit grain to about five servings a day. One serving equals one slice of whole grain bread or a half cup of cooked whole grains such as barley or rice or a cup of cooked cereal such as oatmeal.


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