Thursday, November 10, 2011

8 Steps to Cure Influenza without Medicine

Influenza disease caused by a virus benign. As viruses generally mild, flu can be cured without drugs if we are in good physical condition. Medications against colds that we often use to overcome the flu really just symptomatic relief.

There are several ways in which we do to cure the flu, without medication, can be in particular by strengthening the immune system and reduce or eliminate symptoms. His ways are:

1. Repair or improve nutritional intake of food in general, such as carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. These materials are used to strengthen the immune system.

2. Away from the chaotic life.
The chaotic behavior of the tension that makes us clairvoyant (the mind or mental), which often get stuck stressful. While stressing that the possibility of unbridled entry of influenza virus in the supply of the body.

3. Control of sexual activity
Can orgasm and ejaculation are high frequency, the endurance of the body and reduced vitality.

4. Try to stay home or do not do heavy work.
Stay home, of course, sleep. The body had time to gather new energy in the fight against the flu.

5. Develop eat on fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C.
Vitamin C is very useful to strengthen the immune system and anti-infective properties. In addition, you avoid cold drinks or ice cream.

6. Drink water whenever possible.
For adults can drink 10 glasses a day. Water, fruit juice is also good for people out on a lot of liquid.

7. If a cold begins with headache, nasal discharge is
We need to be addressed in order fever is not imminent. Good treatment is at your feet in warm water, twice daily, morning and afternoon enjoy. This improves blood circulation throughout the body.

8. Smell the hot steam will help loosen phlegm and thin so open clogged nasal passages, without drugs.

If you have the above steps, the flu, but it does not go far, it is likely that chronic inflammation that require antibiotics. Or even be treated for complications that only a doctor!


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Gamecompressed said...

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