Thursday, November 10, 2011

RCD Espanyol Signing a Young Player from Indonesia

Exciting news for football lovers in Indonesia. It is not despite the success of one of Indonesia's son who was contracted by the La Liga club,Espanyol.

RCD Espanyol has become a reference in recent years in youth football and proof of this is the amount of players who have reached the first team in recent seasons, plus many of them represent Spain at different levels.

In an increasingly competitive football, the search for young talent has crossed borders and training young players to become elite players of the future has become a key factor in the future of football development.

The latest addition to RCD Espanyol is Arthur Irawan, a young pearl of Indonesian football, a country to be discovered on a football level. Arthur began playing football in Jakarta since he was at 8 years old like so many young boys and caught the attention of Manchester UTD at the young age however Arthur's family opted to pursue his education. The challenge now, according to the coaches, is to see how the player will adapt to the needs and style of European elite soccer.

It is clear that an emerging country like Indonesia, in football terms, has resulted in several Spanish La liga clubs turning their sights on an area where there is still a long journey at the level of basic football development. Arthur has chosen for Espanyol and its projection. And finally, Arthur Irawan has decided for the philosophy of Espanyol's youth system to try and make the final leap into European elite football.

Source: RCD Espanyol


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